Wednesday, August 1, 2012


cabbage, 100PP; bald baby, Hero Arts?; center baby, Karv'd
In case you were wondering, yes babies do come from the cabbage patch.  These rubber babies do anyway!

Here, a whole scene emerges with just a little tiny bit of doodling added to the stamping.

I remember discussing a certain stamp-designer's early years of this hobby.  She owned only a couple of stamps at the time.  Among them, she said, were Barbie, and a cabbage.  She told us how she had so much fun stretching her creative muscle; coming up with new ways to use just those two stamps together.  I often think of Kathy M.'s story when I need a creative nudge.

It's a great exercise to see what you can create when you limit yourself to just a couple of images.  Think of the fun you could have creating a series of PCs using only two or three stamps!  Sounds like a good challenge for some pen friends or swappers.

Hot Tip: The bald baby is an image I picked up in a bargain bin at a discount store for less than a dollar.  Often stamps carried by general-merchandise stores make a horrible impression either because there is excess rubber surrounding the image, or because the rubber has been mounted directly to the wood/plastic block sans cushion, or both.  Most times, all that is needed is a close trimming of the excess rubber, and the addition of some rubber cushion (available from 100PP, and many others) and your bargain-bin find will stamp beautifully.

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