Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sail Away

All stamps:  Eat Cake Graphics
Living in Michigan, there's no shortage of shoreline.  My family is hoping to squeeze a few more trips to the beach in before the weather turns cold.

Shown here is a card I made for Eat Cake Graphics.  Sandpaper is my secret ingredient--what better material to represent the beach?  I used double-stick tape and glue to hold it securely.  It's not the most pliant paper to work with, but the result is a feast for the tactile senses.

The white caps are torn strips of confetti text-weight paper.  These I attached by painting a layer of watered-down white glue with a small, flat brush to the underside of each strip.  When gluing in this way, I find a pair of craft tweezers indispensable.  Mine are Tweezer Bees and I love them.

Getting things to stick to the sandpaper was a little tricky.  E6000 to the rescue!  I'm pretty sure you could use E6000 to glue marbles to a frisbee, if you wanted.  It's that good.  Remember to open a window when using this stuff, or the fumes will get you!

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