Saturday, August 11, 2012

ATC Saturday: Butterflies

Today's theme is Butterflies.  I chose to stamp a monarch, to match the image on the postage stamp.

It seemed fitting to include the letter "B" as well.  I have a certain fondness for fonts that started soon after I learned to write.  As a child of seven or eight, Sunday mornings found me writing the A-B-C's over and over in the margins of the newspaper.  I'd make up different styles of letters and write all twenty-six letters in that style, then start over with another style.

If you're interested in the history of graphic lettering, an excellent book on the subject is: Life with Letters by Ed Rondthaler.  Read it, and you'll learn the foundations of so many aspects of letters that we all but take for granted daily.  PhotoLettering has more info about the intoxicating world of lettering.  Their site even offers an iron ampersand for the incredible price of only $250.  Perhaps another time.

I could go on, but back to the ATC.  This one features a watercolored background that I overstamped with a few little doodad stamps that were included on an sheet of rubber from...somewhere.  They are handy little things that I normally use more sparingly than what you see here.  I stamped the "Bb" and colored the lower case "b" with a green sharpie.

The butterfly was stamped and colored separately, then glued to the card.  I drew in his antennae with a micro pen.  I used a cancelled postage stamp in the corner, and added a few more of the filler stamps to complete the piece.

Stamps Used:  Picture Show (monarch), Ma Vinci's Reliquary ("Bb"), TooMuchFun (blue doodad), others unknown.

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