Saturday, September 29, 2012

Seeing Stars

This Saturday's post is about stars, outer space and rocket ships!

Our challenge was to use at least one star, and one postage stamp.

At first I thought I'd use a celebrity as my "star", because I have some Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Ella Fitzgerald postage stamps in my stash.  But the little guy in the rocket was calling to me.

Stamps Used:  Toy Box (rocket), Mars Tokyo (star cluster), Printworks (blue star and contrail), unknown (crater terrain--possibly Lost Coast Designs)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, how I love duckies.  They seem like they're always smiling, to me.  This composition is a little silly with the cartoon-y ducks, but I like the contrast.  If you look closely, you'll notice that one duck has discovered a tiny dragonfly.

Stamps Used:  StampScapes (River bank), Beeswax (background, clouds), Suzy's Zoo (ducks)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Template for #8 Shipping Tag
If you're in need of a template for #8 Shipping Tags, look no further.

I needed some for a swap, but couldn't find the required size in my local office supply stores.

Click here for a high-resolution PDF of the template. off to find some inspiration for stamping my tags!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Punky Steampunk

I stumbled on a fabulous stamp company called The Octopode Factory.  I can't even recall how that happened, but I do know that I've found another favorite!

This company is based in the U.K. and offers both digital and rubber images.  All designs are original drawings of proprietress, Lily Chilvers. 

Her style is bold and whimsical at the same time.  I can't get enough!

Shown here is Winston.  He's a steampunk gent, busy tinkering and puttering I'm sure.  He's got big plans to build a steam-powered honeybee and make his mark on the world.

Stamps Used:  The Octopode Factory (gent), Lost Coast Designs (mechanical bee), Stamp Francisco (mini tag)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pudding Pie

Mom and tot visit the park.  Something tells me there's a nanny nearby.

This little boy conjures the rhyme "Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie" in my head.  It looks like he's more "Little Jack Horner" though, with that pie in his lap.  My youngest (of five) is three, you'd think I'd know these characters by now!

The theme for this PC was "trees", believe it or not.  I intended to include a whole forest, but it came out too cluttered.  In the end, I settled for just two.

Stamps Used:  RBBB (lady), 100 Proof Press (boy), Beeswax (tree)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2013 Calendar Printables

Assembly Complete

Artist, Laurel, at Work
The weather is starting to feel autumnal here in Michigan, and my thoughts are turning toward the holidays.

One of our many traditions is to make calendars to give away at Christmas.  Shown at left are photos from last year--last year on December 14!  Ack!  We're going to get an earlier start this year.

After printing out the grids (you can find 2013 printables here), punch two holes at the top and then use ring-clips to bind the sheets together.  (Ribbon or sturdy twine would also work for binding.)  Then, add another hole at the bottom, for hanging the calendar.

Now you can personalize the calendar with your recipients' special dates, and add artwork to each spread to make the calendar a treasured keepsake.

Included in the file you'll find a cover sheet, 12 pages of month-grids (numbers are filled in for you!), and a hole-punching guide sheet.  This last sheet may be printed on the backs of the other sheets to serve as a frame for your artwork (see photo of Laurel).

I suggest printing to card stock.  Bond paper is too translucent.

Have fun!  I'd love to see what you make, so feel free to leave me a link in the comments.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

School Daze

 Happily, my children and I survived the first week "back at it"--homeschooling, that is.

The highlight of the week for me happened yesterday, just after breakfast.  As I tidied up the kitchen dishes I was vaguely aware that there wasn't the usual amount of chatter around me.

Ten minutes later, Laurel (13) informed me that Liam (my newest kindergartener) was patiently sitting, hands folded and resting on his desk, waiting for class to begin.

I clambered down the stairs to the classroom and spied my baby, just as Laurel had described.  I thought I'd die from the sweetness.

We got right to work after a big smooch and an apology from me for making him wait.  He was very forgiving (whew).

For today's ATC I was challenged to use a piece of school notebook paper as the background.   I stamped the girl on plain card stock and cut-and-pasted her to the foreground.  She's contemplating her studies, and questioning the meaning of it all.

Stamps Used:  100 Proof Press (girl), The Octopode Factory (star, small spiral), Too Much Fun (sentiment), others unknown.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I fell in love with the main image shown here when I saw it in a composition on the cover of RSM (March/April 2007 #152, for the curious.)

I ordered it (from Lost Coast Designs) as soon as humanly possible.

I created this PC for my first-ever-ever-ever swap on swap-bot, which was to create ten "handmade" postcards for ten partners.

I spent lots of time masking and coloring, but the result was just what I was going for.

Could she be someone's Guardian Angel?  It looks like she's praying for someone special.

Stamps Used:  Lost Coast Designs (angel w/arch), Magenta (floral borders), Leavenworth Jackson (clouds)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bump In the Night

Booga! Booga!  Halloween will be here before you know it.  How about a spooky ATC to put you in the mood?

The theme for this ATC was "Things That Go 'Bump' In the Night".  Mr. Bones does seem to be bumping and bouncing around with his disembodied eyeball.  Ewww...

Stamps Used: Leavenworth Jackson (eyeball), Picture Show (skeleton), Unknown (cat)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't Try This at Home

Who thought leaving the baby with the clowns was a good idea?

Looks like baby doesn't mind, so far.

Stamps Used:  Mars Tokyo (Shocked Couple), Diva Rubber (Single Guy), Coffee Break Designs (Clowns), 100 Proof Press (Baby), Unknown (grass, clouds).