Monday, July 30, 2012

Christmas in July: Finale

Christmas in July ends today.  We're out of month, and I'm out of Christmas cards.  I hope you've enjoyed the series!

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Today we'll cover 2010 and 2011.

2010 was a fabulous year.  We were getting settled in the new house and new neighborhood.  The kids--five of them now--were adjusting well.  My stamps were unpacked and stored in beautiful cabinets custom-made for me by my dearly beloved.  What more could a girl want?

Once again, PhotoShop Elements (PSE) allowed me to bypass the labor-intensive coloring stage and beat the "mail by" deadline. 
Here on the front, we see Bunny the dog and Marmie the cat admiring a decorated pine through the window.  Inside (not shown), its the same scene, in the great outdoors.  The snowy wood covers the entire space, and the lower part of the tree and boy are visible, anchored in the snow.

The tree is decorated with digital scrapbooking embellishments from Shabby Princess, as well as some rubber stamp images in my collection.

Stamps Used:  Eat Cake Graphics (dog, cat, pine tree), Remarkable! (boy).

Now we've reached the final entry, 2011.

I wanted to tell a story with our Christmas card this year.  It started (as it often does for me) with a single stamp.  The image was of a little girl, dressed as Mary, holding a baby.  The expression on the girl's face captivated me!  She looks so thrilled to be holding that baby.

I bought many of the nativity stamps offered by Art Impressions and then put them together like this:
The sign on the outside of the card reads, "Christmas Pageant TODAY 2:00 P.M."  (It is not a stamp.  I typed it up in PhotoShop Elements.)

Inside we find seven children, plus a sheep and a baby participating in the pageant play.  The three kings (a single stamp) was cut apart to allow one of them to pop out when the card is opened.

Stamps Used:  Art Impressions--all, except for the sheep on the outside.  I drew him.

This concludes our Christmas in July series.  Thanks for taking a look!

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