Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas in July: Part 3

It's Christmas in July here on the blog.  Thanks for indulging my trip down memory-lane.  We'll pick up now at year 2001 (Year 2000's card did not include stamping--gasp!).  Please use the search feature to find the others in the series.

2001's design didn't incorporate much stamping.  I wanted to try dry embossing, and after mulling over dozens--possibly hundreds--of plates, settled on this angel design.  I layered it with mulberry paper, added an embossed holly motif, and out they went.  No fuss, no muss it seems, but I remember having awfully sore hands when all was said and done.  I didn't have a die cutter/embossing machine at the time, so all of the cards were embossed by hand with a small stylus tool and a brass plate.  I think my fingers just cramped up at the memory!

2002's card still makes me smile.  Snowmen always seem so cheery!

To make this card, I cut four rectangles and stamped/colored different snowmen onto three of them.  All four were glued down using a cardboard template I made to keep everything aligned.  On the blank rectangle, I attached two buttons to suggest another snowman.

A square punch made a quick window in the front of the card.  On the inside, I mounted the greeting on foam tape so that it would pop through the window.  Inside the card (not shown) a similar square of paper was used to display the message, "...and a Happy New Year."

Our family grew to include our first baby boy in July of that year.
2003 marked my tenth year of stamping, and this card was the first of mine to be published by a national magazine.  RSM issued a call for "holiday themes" the following year, and this card was selected.  I was over-the-moon.

For this card I made numerous prototypes, then approached the job in assembly line fashion.  I eked out time for the process every chance I could in the weeks before Christmas.  I couldn't wait to finish another card.  Punching out the windows was the final step and that really seemed to make the card come alive with light and shadow.

Stamps Used: Stamp Of Excellence (shepherds, sheep, star), TheStampinPlace (holy family).  The stable was hand carved by me.
To be continued...

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