Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Hello out there!  I'm back and happy to announce that I am now one of the new members of the design team for Just For Fun Rubber Stamps (note the nifty new badge on the sidebar).  I've included links to the other DT members' blogs as well.  So much to be inspired by!  Please do check them all out.

More excitement:  Through January 18th, you may visit Just For Fun Rubber Stamps and enjoy a whopping 35% off everything you purchase online!  What could be better than that?

Tuesdays here (starting today!) will feature projects that I've created using JFF images.  I'll get back to PCs on Wednesdays and ATCs on Saturdays as soon as I get my time-turner working properly.  I'll be blogging over at the JFF Blog site, too.

I could use a cuppa joe about now.
Enough blather, I hear you saying.  Here's my first JFF project.  We were tasked to use either lace or buttons in the design.  I confess, embellishments are not my "thing".  I tried to be clever and made paper lace using loopy scissors and a hole punch.  Then I dug through my stash of fabric trims to find actual lace.  Strike three came when I dug through my decades-old stash of gold leaf paper trims.  I even tried drawing some lace!  "Lace hates me!" I cried.

Then I noticed what a pit my crafting area had become (oh, there's a week's worth of posts on that topic) and that is when inspiration struck.  My daughter had left out some ribbon spools, and when I was putting them away (we call this "creative avoidance" around here) I spied some ribbon that had lacy edges.  Huzzah!

Though it took literally days to get to that spark of inspiration, once it did finally strike the card went together in a matter of minutes.  Minutes!

The mind is a terrible, wonderful thing.

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