Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

My cards all went out during the second week of December, so if you're on my mailing list you've seen this one already.

The central snowflake was hand-stitched using sparkly embroidery floss.  It required close to 2-feet of thread per card.  Once I got used to the process, it took about 30 minutes per flake to complete.

The sentiment was stamped and embossed with silver powder.  The smaller flakes were punched from sliver wrapping paper and glued to the card.

Some lucky recipients got the "blingy" version which included 3 to 5 tiny rhinestones.  After the first 20 or so cards I began to worry that the rhinestones wouldn't play nice with the postal sorting machines so I stopped using them.

BEST WISHES for the season.  I'll be back in January.

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