Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Recognize me, there?  That's imaginary me, rejoicing at finishing my first-ever 5K last year.  I followed the "couch to 5K" routine (you can find it here) and at the end of the program, signed up and ran a 5K race.

See that little snail at the bottom?  He beat me to the finish line.  I stunk.  Really!  I knew I was no speed-demon, but the race was plotted through the woods on a trail...a narrow, gnarly-root-covered, twisty, horrible, dirt trail.
Not exactly ideal conditions for a novice runner like me.  Sigh!  So I blame the trail for at least some portion of my less-than-astounding finish.   But finish I DID.

I must let you all know what a swell husband I have.  He jogged along beside me at my snail's pace and encouraged me the whole way.  He also trained outdoors with me for several Saturdays leading up to Race Day.

So, about the stamping.  The theme was "Numbers" and if you are into typography, please do go check out Ma Vinci's Reliquary.  Robin offers a wide variety of alphas in sizes ranging from Really Big (2-1/4" per letter) to Itty Bitty (3/8" per letter).  The number set I used in the PC above is the "Large A&P Numbers Set" on page 2.

The smaller letter "K" is from a Printworks alpha--which was among the very first stamps I ever purchased (Printworks is updating their site, so not all of their images are shown).

The snail is a portion of an Eat Cake Graphics stamp, "Speedy Delivers the Mail", and I drew in the finish line bunting.  My actual finish line wasn't nearly as festive, but I was oh-SO-glad to reach it!

The lady is from Viva Las Vegas Stamps

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