Saturday, June 30, 2012

ATC Saturday: Turtles

This is an ATC I did some time ago for a swap.  The theme was "turtles". 

I used a photo from a paint chip that I picked up at Home Depot for the background, then stamped and embossed the green seaweed.  The sea turtle was stamped on two different papers, then pieced together.

Too Easy!

My love of turtles came from my 3-yo Holly, about 13 years ago.  She loved turtles, and begged me to buy her a rather large garden decoration one time at the grocery store.  It was a substantial rubber turtle, not at all cuddly, that she promptly named, "Samantha". 

Samantha was cooed over and carried around, invited to tea parties and treated every bit as a treasured member of the family by Holly.  Samantha lived in a cigar box.

One day when Holly was four, she wanted to play a guessing game.  She wanted her Dad and I to guess what was in the box!

Her clues were as follows: 
1)  It is in this box
2)  It is green
3)  It has a turtley head

That third clue had her father and I rolling with laughter, almost unable to utter the words, "What could it be?  What could it BE?!"  Of course it was Samantha.

Turtles will always remind me of four-year-old Holly.  :)

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