Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 Postcard Reveal

Teacup Fishermen
Today marks the last day of National Post Card Week for 2013.
I've been sick all week so I am saving up all of the post cards I've been receiving so I can enjoy them all at once.  It's been wonderful to receive so much happy mail!

To see other people's contributions to NPCW, visit Demaris' site here.

Some "notes to self" to remember for next year:
  • Turn down the brightness and contrast on the computer monitor before finalizing the colors/saturation to get an idea of what the printed version will be.
  • Do a test print!  To save on ink, select patches from various spots on the card to print, but do not skip this step.
  • Plan for the print shop to hack away up to 1/16" from each edge of your design, no matter what dimensions you provide.  (I added a 1/8" border to my design before sending.)

Stamps Used:  Sumac Designs (fishermen, lighthouse), 100 Proof Press (children)
U.S. flag and shadow was added via Photoshop
Sky texture courtesy of Tezrin at Deviant Art (thank you!).
Water texture by SimplyBackgrounds at Deviant Art (thank you!).

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