Saturday, September 15, 2012

School Daze

 Happily, my children and I survived the first week "back at it"--homeschooling, that is.

The highlight of the week for me happened yesterday, just after breakfast.  As I tidied up the kitchen dishes I was vaguely aware that there wasn't the usual amount of chatter around me.

Ten minutes later, Laurel (13) informed me that Liam (my newest kindergartener) was patiently sitting, hands folded and resting on his desk, waiting for class to begin.

I clambered down the stairs to the classroom and spied my baby, just as Laurel had described.  I thought I'd die from the sweetness.

We got right to work after a big smooch and an apology from me for making him wait.  He was very forgiving (whew).

For today's ATC I was challenged to use a piece of school notebook paper as the background.   I stamped the girl on plain card stock and cut-and-pasted her to the foreground.  She's contemplating her studies, and questioning the meaning of it all.

Stamps Used:  100 Proof Press (girl), The Octopode Factory (star, small spiral), Too Much Fun (sentiment), others unknown.

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